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Astro Tarot


Discover deep insights and clarity with transformative astro tarot readings.

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Unveil the secrets of your future with our insightful Astro Tarot service. Guidance for empowered decision-making.

Reading through FaceTime
45-60 min Session



Q: What is the Tarot?

A: The Tarot is a method of divination that has been used for centuries to answer questions, offer advice and guide people on their way. It is a fascinating tool that can help us explore the different aspects of our lives and discover new possibilities.


Q: How is the reading done?

A: By video call via WhatsApp, after making your payment and making an appointment.


Q: What should I expect from a reading?

A: Tarot reading is a unique and personal experience, an interactive process that requires a conversation between both parties. It is important to mention that tarot reading is not an exact prediction of the future, but a tool to explore our options and make informed decisions. I use the tools of astrology, numerology and the intuitive connection with the angels to transmit messages, answers and guidance always from love that will help you heal any area of ​​your life, that’s why my reading is therapeutic.


Q: How long does the reading take?

A: Generally between 45 minutes to 1 hour, but there are cases in which it is necessary to agree a little more time for the messages to be transmitted effectively.


Q: Can I feel something during a reading?

A: A tarot reading can be an emotional experience and can sometimes reveal things we don’t want to face. However, it can also be a liberating experience by helping us see new possibilities in our future. It is important to be open and willing to listen to what the cards have to say.





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